Saint-Gobain Group

A key ingredient in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all.They can be found everywhere in our living places and our daily life: in buildings, transportation, infrastructure and in many industrial applications. They provide comfort, performance and safety while addressing the challenges of sustainable construction, resource efficiency and climate change.

Eiffel Tower

Saint-Gobain specializes in the design, production and distribution of functional materials, including glass for the automotive and construction industries, pipes, mortars, plaster, refractory ceramics, and crystals. The Group is organized into three business sectors: Innovative Materials, Construction Products and Building Distribution. Established in 67 countries, Saint-Gobain is the market leader in each of its core businesses.

It ranked the world 196th on the 2016 Fortune 500 and is among the world's hundred leading industrial corporations.Saint-Gobain is listed on the stock markets in Paris, London, Frankfort, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam.

Do you know Saint-Gobain?

Chateau of Versailles

Was created in 1665 by Colbert and built the Hall of Mirrors at the Chateaude Versailles
Provides glass for fifty percent of all cars in Europe
Supplied the glass for the Louvre pyramid
Supplied the glass fiber needed to strengthen the bitumen the access platform to the Eurotunnel
Insulates one-third of all homes in Europe and one-fifth in the UnitedStates
Has equipped 80 capitals and more than 1000 major cities throughout the world with water supply ducts
Manufactures the crystals used in airport security detectors and formedical diagnosis

Saint-Gobain Multi-Comfort

We typically spend 90% of our time inside

So the buildings we live, work and play in have a huge potential effect on our health and overall sense of comfort. But how often do we pause to consider how they actually perform?

Could you feel more comfortable in the building or room you’re in right now?

Just think about it for a moment.

MULTICOMFORT offers comfort from every angle – for everyone, everywhere, whatever type of building they’re occupying.

Learn more about Saint-Gobain Multi-Comfort

Key figures for 2016

Industrial operations in 68 countries

Employs about 170,000 people worldwide

Euro 39.1 billion in sales

1/4 Saint-Gobain products sold today was developed in the last five years

Almost 390 patents filed

8 cross-business R&D centers and about 100 development units worldwide

Flat Glass No 1 European producer, No 2 world producer

High Performance Materials No 1 or 2 worldwide leader in most sectors

Construction Products World leader in all businesses

Building Distribution No 1 worldwide or European leader in most sectors

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