Company culture

Lie at the heart of our company is strong commitment to wellbeing and development of employees, whom we believe to be the key factor to our organization’s growth and sustainability.

Saint-Gobain Vietnam offers feel-like-home atmosphere where we are being brothers & sisters as One Family to encourage a healthy exchange of opinions, big ideas and most of all, collaboration. The fact is, we only can win the external when internally, we are united as ONE TEAM to fight for ONE DREAM with all our hearts & commitment to become “Stronger Together, Happy Together”.

Work hard and play hard to ensure that our activities, our employees and our partners are jointly involved in building a more sustainable and equitable world.


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Coaching & Career Development

At Saint-Gobain, we believe our people are our greatest asset. Our aim is to:

   - Explore the potential of every employee

   - Elevate internal capacities and help them to progress higher in their career path. 

We strive to ensure our competitiveness through effective recruitment process, customized expertise trainings, well-designed individual development plans and attractive retention programs to keep the position of leading construction company in Vietnam.

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From a junior with considerable room for growth, to a professional identified for their expertise all the way to a potential future leader, Saint-Gobain’s development strategy is committed to looking after our talented individuals and helping them grow and evolve in a personalized way.

Career opportunity

Mark your professional career at Saint-Gobain Vietnam whether you are looking for an internship, graduate opportunities or a job opening with development opportunities, attractive rewards and recognition scheme.


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