Pride Saint-Gobain


Saint-Gobain is the world's leading corporation in the field of construction materials, and in Vietnam, with the Gyproc brand - Vinh Tuong - DURAflex - Weber - Pam - Vetrotech - Norton - Eurokera - Dalh, always gets customers, developers, contractors, trusted builders and top rated marketers - we are increasingly showing the level of first-class people.

Through these years of cohesion, Saint-Gobain would like to express his deep gratitude to all the brothers and sisters. It was a difficult, challenging but fun-filled journey.

Love the working environment, trust and be proud of the products your company provides, making each person happier every day at work. We believe that you are really proud of the values ​​that you are contributing to and ready to LAN. Join us to share your pride for Saint-Gobain Vietnam with Gyproc brand - Vinh Tuong - DURAflex - Weber - Pam - Vetrotech - Norton - Eurokera - Dahl through the contest "Pride Saint-Gobain" .


- Have a valid Facebook account.

- Being an employee of Saint-Gobain Vietnam (Gyproc, Weber, Pam, Vinh Tuong, Hiep Phu, Adrasives, Dahl ...)


- The program will take place on December 25, 2018 - January 7, 2019

- Announcement of results on January 9, 2019

- After announcing the results, the prizes will be awarded within 2 weeks (for Share prizes). The prizes "LAN IS" and "PROUD" will be awarded in the YearEnd Party (For the South) and the awards ceremony in the regions (For the North.)




Thousands of gifts are waiting for you brothers and sisters

All employees of Gyproc - Vinh Tuong - DURAflex - Weber - Pam - Vetrotech - Norton - Eurokera - Dahl can choose 1 of 2, or participate in both sections: 

A - LAN brand name

Methods of implementation and award structure are as follows:

"SHARING" Award:

Just share a gift

- Rules: Each employee will share one of the product videos from brands of Saint-GoBain Vietnam to Facebook and make it public, and attach the hashtag #tuhaoSaintGobain , #SaintGobain and branding sentences to express your pride and get a high interaction.

- Video link to share about:

       1. Gyproc plasterboard:

       2. Weber tile adhesive:

       3. DIY video series of DURAwood wood panels:

       4. And other videos about the products of the unit they are working with

- Do not forget to post the link to share mail mail with personal and unit information to receive the gift!

- Rewards: 350 first shared articles (nationwide selection) will receive 1 pair of Ocean glass + 1 raincoat

- Time: 2 weeks - from December 25, 2018 to January 7, 2019.

Award "LAN SHOW":

For those with the highest interaction:

- 20 people with the highest spread from the interaction (like, share, comment) highest (10 prizes for each domain) will receive a brandkit : 01 Clock, 01 umbrella, 01 leather book, 01 shirt rain, 01 backpack, 01 backup charger and get the commemorative photo frame "Saint-Gobain loves you" in the Year of the Year End Party 2018

* Total spread points will be calculated from the interaction: like / love /...= 1 point; comment = 1 point; share = 2 points


Believing that more than 1200 Saint-Gobain employees in Vietnam are always happy every day and ready to spread that happiness to the community. Tell us about your pride for Saint-Gobain Vietnam with Gyproc - Vinh Tuong - DURAflex brand.




You can freely create your brand pride through one of the following three forms:

- Method 1: Write articles (not short-term regulations) to share on your personal feelings about the brand / product you are making with available images attached by the Organizer (The image is attached at the end of the article this).

- Method 2: Create images with a description (or article) about the brand you are following the theme of "Pride Saint-Gobain" and share it on your personal facebook page

- Method 3: Create interesting videos <60s under the theme "Pride Saint-Gobain" has images of Saint-Gobain Vietnam brands everywhere, shared on personal page.

* Note: All posts need to include Hashtag: #SaintGobain #tuhaoSaintGobain

- Time: from December 25, 2018 to January 7, 2019

- Judges:

1. CEO Saint-Gobain Vietnam - Mr. Tran Duc Huy

2. Deputy General Director, Director of Vinh Tuong North - Mr. Dang Minh Phuong

3. Deputy General Director, Director of Hiep Phu - Mr. Nguyen Truong Hai

4. National Marketing Director - Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc

5. Director of National Human Resources - Ms. Nguyen Ha Trang

- Scoring criteria: Scores of 20, the total score from 5 judges is 100





* Spreading points will be calculated from the interaction: like / love /...= 1 point; comment = 1 point; share = 2 points

Award "PROUD":

- Weekly award: 6 works / week with the best likes and shares - Free 1 Backup battery + anniversary glass photo frame "Saint-Gobain loves you"

- Final prize: 6 works (article, photo frame, video clip) are selected by Binh Dinh Excellent Board of Examiners - Free  01 voucher of VND 1,000,000 for each meal + Anniversary glass photo frame "Saint-Gobain loves You"


+ Method 1: Send via facebook Saint-Gobain Gyproc Vietnam

 - Copy link of contest entry (posted on personal facebook), send facebook message Saint-Gobain Gyproc Vietnam.

 - Attached to the information: Full name, phone number + working department + workplace address

+ Method 2: Send to email: with syntax

 - Email subject: The Brand Pride Contest entry

 - Email content: Full name + phone number + Department + workplace address

 - And: Link to the contest entry


- For all employees working at Saint-Gobain Vietnam (including Gyproc, Weber, Pam, Vinh Tuong, Hiep Phu, Adrasives, Dahl ...)

- Already Like fanpage , follow the steps to participate correctly.

- The prize is not exchangeable for cash, no ownership conversion is applied. Prizes can be replaced with artifacts of equivalent value.

- Suspected accounts will be removed from the program by BTC.

- The Organizer will contact the staff to award.

- In case of changing the rules, criteria for grading disputes, the decision of the BTC is the final decision.