Continue writing the dream story - Because of the workers' construction


Since 2013, the Construction of the Shelter has been supported to build and give more than 50 houses to difficult construction workers across the country. This is a beautiful and humane achievement that Vinh Tuong - Gyproc also partners have jointly implemented.

In 2017, we continue to restart the program with the mission of "Writing the dream story". The dream of a spacious home is realized throughout the country. Beyond the value of the house is the sharing to help the plasterers feel secure to work, build new buildings to contribute to the life. And after returning every day, they guarded and worried, to live in a new home with greater aspirations for the future. As Mr. Nguyen Duy Nghi - a construction worker in Hue received his house in 2015, "Since the family has a new home, the couple's life has reduced worries, instead of new joys, new hopes are The program is proud to have contributed to creating an optimistic new future for plasterers "

The three-year journey of giving houses stretches from South to North, the organizers were very lucky because they were not alone! Deciding to accompany, contribute from customers, distribution centers, agents, partners helped Because of the roof of the construction worker, he created his own mark in the beautiful mission that the program pursued. Because of that, the organizers continue to look forward to joining hands again from all of you so that the Construction Worker Warming 2017 can meet the cases of construction workers who need help and give away 15 new houses. 

Together we continue writing the dream story!

The application will start accepting applications from March 15, 2017 to April 30, 2017. The house approval period is expected to take place May 20, 2017 to June 5, 2017. Time for house construction and house delivery takes place from June to September 2017.

See more details of the program  here

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