Weber tile adhesive - Modern tiling solutions are interested in Vietbuild HCM 2018

Weber tham gia Vietbuild 2018

In the seminar at the 1st Vietbuild Construction International Exhibition Fair on June 22, 2018, Ho Chi Minh City, Weber shared the topic "Tile adhesive - Modern tiling solutions", received a lot of attention of businesses as well as customers.

Weber tham gia Vietbuild 2018

Increasing demand and aesthetic trends of consumers have led to a change in today's modern tile trends. Previously ceramics tiles with high water absorption, simple design, small size about 30x30cm. Due to many limitations, porcelain tiles were born to meet the most stringent requirements of consumers such as delicate patterns, solid, little or no water absorption, very large sizes of 80x80cm or more than 1m. ... Materials for laying porcelain tiles on walls and floors must ensure good adhesion, aesthetics and durability for a beautiful house. When cement slurry is no longer an appropriate solution due to its compatibility of adhesion.

Weber tham gia Vietbuild 2018

Weber - the world's leading brand of Tiling solution belonging to Saint - Gobain from France, is in the Top 100 most creative corporations in the world with more than 350 years of existence and development. Weber Vietnam offers a full range of paving solutions for all areas such as:

1. Solutions for tiling the common areas with dry and stable conditions such as living room, bedroom, kitchen: webertai vis, webertai fix
2. Solutions for tiling wet areas such as bathrooms, terraces: Weber.tai 2ai1 tile adhesive products
3. Solutions for pool area and large size tiles with water pressure, big and heavy tiles: webertai gres
4. Solutions for tiling areas subject to severe weather, heavy loads and high vibrations such as garage, commercial center, high-rise buildings, or outdoor areas: webertai flex