Saint-Gobain in Vietnam

Saint-Gobain Vietnam belongs to Saint-Gobain Group founded by King Louis XIV in 1665 with the first project to provide glass for the castle of Versailles - France.

Saint-Gobain Vietnam offers a wide range of leading products and services to Vietnam's construction industry. Our main brands include: Gyproc and Vinh Tuong, providing innovative solutions for ceiling and plaster walls; DURAflex offers excellent solutions for wet areas. In addition, we also have Weber brand that provides solutions for tile adhesives, grout and waterproof products.

Saint-Gobain Vietnam is committed to improving the quality of living and working space by providing ceiling and wall solutions in an efficient, creative and sustainable way.

Our mission is to develop innovative products and services to help customers build better spaces to live, work and play. From housing to work, from hotels to schools or hospitals, ... where we can create better living spaces through solutions to divide space with Outstanding features of fireproof, soundproof or aesthetic ...

Our products and systems are definitely the perfect choice for designers, contractors or investors - those who are looking for environmentally friendly, aesthetic and high-performance solutions. for his work.


2017 - Today

2011 - 2016

2009 - 2010

1990 - 2007

In 2017, Vinh Tuong® was merged and became a member of Saint-Gobain Vietnam Limited Company. Saint-Gobain Vietnam was officially established and stood for all Vinh Tuong® - Gyproc® - DURAflex® member companies.

In 2018, Gyproc® gypsum board plant in Hai Phong (Northern Vietnam) went into production. DURAflex® third and production lines were operated.

In 2019, The fourth production line of DURAflex® was operated.

Vinh Tuong joined Saint-Gobain Group
Vinh Tuong joined Saint-Gobain Group


Saint-Gobain Weber: Weber factory officially came into operation



Saint-Gobain Gypsum: Vinh Tuong joined Saint-Gobain Vietnam



Saint-Gobain Abrasives: Integration of a second manufacturing plant in Vietnam

 Saint-Gobain Weber: Starting business in Vietnam
Saint-Gobain Weber: Starting business in Vietnam


Saint-Gobain Weber: Starting business in Vietnam     



Saint-Gobain Dahl (Vung Tau): Trading equipment for ship-building industry   
Saint-Gobain Abrasives & PAM (Ho Chi Minh City): Starting business in Vietnam

Take over gypsum board factory from Vinh Tuong
Take over gypsum board factory from Vinh Tuong


Saint-Gobain Gypsum (Ho Chi Minh City): Officialy took over the gypsum boardfactory from Vinh Tuong



Saint-Gobain Gypsum (Ho Chi Minh City): Open representative office



Saint-Gobain Gypsum (Ho Chi Minh City): Starting business in Vietnam


Crown Plaza Shaoxing
Keangnam Landmark Tower
Kumho Asian Plaza
Lam Dong Administrative Center
Pullman Saigon Center - Bar and Restaurant
Vietnam Assemply House
Invent yourself

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. Established in 1665, the group is organized into three business sectors: Construction Products, Innovative Materials, and Building Distribution. Saint-Gobain employs 180,000 people and operates in 67 countries worldwide.

SG Group

Saint-Gobain strives to be the reference for sustainable habitat. The company sets an exemplary standard for all our processes, products and services throughout their life cycle, setting stringent Environment, Health and Safety objectives to reduce the EHS impacts of the company’s activities which are periodically reviewed for continual improvement.

Why Saint-Gobain Vietnam?

Saint-Gobain Vietnam belongs to Saint-Gobain Group, the world's largest building material company and one of the world’s 100 largest industrial groups. At Saint-Gobain Vietnam, we believe our people are our greatest asset. Our aim is to ensure that every employee is provided with the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge to make a contribution to the sustained success of the business in Vietnam and, in doing that, to develop themselves and their careers.

We adopt a de-centralized and progressive approach in everything we do including employee personal training and development, reward structures and career progression. Open dialogue and sharing of knowledge is both encouraged and promoted heavily through the use of a wide range of communications vehicles including internal magazines, bulletins and intranets.

We are committed to maximizing the potential of every single one of its employees. Individual and team contributions are recognized and rewarded according to how they contribute to group success. Effective recruitment, active retention, and individual development programs are practised with long term career progression in mind and to ensure we maintain a team of effective, adaptable and well-motivated individuals who will keep the company at the forefront of the construction industry in Vietnam.

Why Saint-gobain Vietnam

Join our innovative, passionate and entrepreneurial community to improve the world of tomorrow with us.

Innovative & Agile Working Environment

❤ Collaboration - with open working space, we easily reach out for each other in order to boost interaction and build strong mutual understanding among departments.

SG new office

❤ Concentration - focus meeting rooms equipped with Saint-Gobain noise-reducing ceiling/wall system and artistic design for meeting and brainstorming. 

❤ Comfort - common areas designed with exquisite paintings and city view to give aesthetic pleasure for relaxing and recharging energy

Around the office are inspiring designs and paintings made by Saint-Gobain products to help all Saint-Gobain Vietnam employees Getting inspired ???? & Getting ahead ????

Why not join Saint-Gobain Vietnam to enjoy for inspiring and breakthrough experience with us!

Coaching & Career Development

At Saint-Gobain, we believe our people are our greatest asset. Our aim is to:

• explore the potential of every employee

• elevate internal capacities and help them to progress higher in their career path

We strive to ensure our competitiveness through effective recruitment process, customized expertise trainings, well-designed individual development plans and attractive retention programs to keep the position of leading construction company in Vietnam.


From a junior with considerable room for growth, to a professional identified for their expertise all the way to a potential future leader, Saint-Gobain’s development strategy is committed to looking after our talented individuals and helping them grow and evolve in a personalized way.


To be innovative externally, you have to be innovative internally. Saint-Gobain aims to anticipate its employees’ needs with regard to the format and type of training they need. It is also why Saint-Gobain now holds its exceptional “Learning Week” event each year to focus on the topic of careers - experiences, training and development. What are the keys to success and how to apply them?

At Saint-Gobain Vietnam, our employees were encouraged to take up the E-Learning modules offered by the group. This is an opportunity to involve a large number of employees in order to encourage innovation and a learning culture at Saint-Gobain.

“Companies with a strong learning culture are more efficient and more innovative and their teams are more engaged.”

Pierre-André de Chalendar

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Gobain

Healthcare & Wellness Activities

CARE Benefit Policy:

• is our strong commitment to wellbeing and development of employees, whom we believe to be the key factor to our organization’s growth and sustainability.

• is our celebration to employee’s families as to mark every personal achievements and milestones in their lives.

Fun & Meaningful Activities

Be part of Saint-Gobain VietNam team

Lie at the heart of our company is strong commitment to wellbeing and development of employees, whom we believe to be the key factor to our organization’s growth and sustainability.

Saint-Gobain Vietnam offers feel-like-home atmosphere where we are being brothers & sisters as One Family. The fact is, we only can win the external when internally, we are united as ONE TEAM to fight for ONE DREAM with all our hearts & commitment to become “Stronger Together, Happy Together”.

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