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SAINT-GOBAIN,a key ingredient in the wellbeing of each of us and the future fo all

ADFORS là một phần của Saint-Gobain, tập đoàn 350 năm tuổi. Tập trung sản phẩm vào thị trường xây dựng và công nghiệp

Firmware for the sound and wayed

Saint-Gobain provides a wide range of
leading products and services for the
construction industry with such brands:
Vinh Tuong,Gyproc,DURAflex,Weber,PAM,...
Vinh Tuong - Gyproc providing innovative
drywall and ceiling solutions help customers
build better spaces to live, work and play.
Extra durable fiber cement board - DURAflex®
is a new material for interior and exterior
application of wall, and floor
Weber - the world's leading manufacturer
and distributor of tile adhesives, tile
grouts and waterproof mortars
The MULTICOMFORT programme is a way of
experimenting in the built environment to
improve the health and wellbeing benefits
of many different types of buildings
Saint-Gobain always researches and develops
innovative solutions as well as high-performance
products,helping in enhancing the quality of
our living space
Saint-Gobain Vietnam offers feel-like-home
atmosphere where we are being brothers and
sisters as One Family
Mark your professional career at Saint-Gobain
Vietnam with development opportunities,
attractive rewards and recognition scheme.
With bad air, undesired noise, strong sunshine
and scorching heat, what funny things happen?
Let's watch the video and check!
Latest news updates in the building materials
industry in general and Saint-Gobain Vietnam