Residential habitat

Accounting for nearly 70% of the Group's revenue, civil construction is the main market of Saint-Gobain. With a portfolio of construction materials, unique and diversified investment services that enhance energy and heat efficiency, acoustics, comfort and vision and health for buildings, Saint-Gobain offers the prize solutions for external coatings (roofs, facade paints, external insulation systems, glass insulation, ...) and inner lining (insulation, gypsum board, ceiling, ...). They are used in all kinds of new residential projects (individual houses and condominiums).

Vinh Tuong - Gyproc gypsum solution system

Saint-Gobain Vietnam offers a wide range of products to make light ceilings, walls and partitions with outstanding features in sound insulation, fire resistance and high aesthetics. Gypsum solutions from the combination of Vinh Tuong and Gyproc  have been designed by experienced professionals with the aim of meeting the increasing needs of the construction industry. Whether it's simple straight walls or sophisticated walls, every element of the system is taken into consideration: from system features to aesthetic needs; from safety factor when dealing with construction instructions in specific steps ...

Industrial mortar

Weber is France's No. 1 brand in the world for ready-mixed technical grout. Weber specializes in providing solutions for the construction and repair industry in over 57 countries worldwide. Weber's solutions are as follows: 
• Solution for the exterior of the building 
• Solution for tiling and natural stone 
• Solution for the floor 
• Solution for construction 
• Solutions for interior walls 
• Aggregates light (porous porcelain) - a kind of clay fired and expanded with chemicals and some special crystals 
We continuously provide innovative solutions and services based on a combination of local knowledge and worldwide experience 


Polishing and abrasive materials

Norton Clipper® machines and tools provide extraordinary performance in the field of construction materials drilling and cutting in construction. 
In life, the solutions of  Saint-Gobain Abrasives are very useful for plumbers, builders, carpenters, tile workers, painters and interior decoration.