Saint-Gobain Vietnam Participated In The Hand-over Ceremony of SouthGate Nam Long Group


On November 14th, 2020 at Ben Luc - Long An, Saint-Gobain Viet Nam participated in the hand-over ceremony that held by SouthGate Nam Long Group with the presence of more than 500 customers and sponsors.

Le ban giao nha Waterpoint

At the ceremony, Saint-Gobain Vietnam introduced to customers, especially new residents of Waterpoint urban area and brought high-end solutions such as ceilings, partitions and tile adhesives, tile grouts that are sold in Viet Nam market and are leading brands in building materials industry such as Vinh Tuong, Vinh Tuong-Gyproc, DURAflex and Weber. High-end solutions that are put into applications for the whole project not only ensure the long-term quality according to the requirements but also achieve professional aesthetics.

Le ban giao nha Waterpoint

Vinh Tuong-Gyproc Solution:

Vinh Tuong Super Luxury ceiling are high-class, elegance, a combination of a duo of Super durable Vinh Tuong SERRA and Vinh Tuong Super-moisture-resistant board 12mm thickness, with special moisture-proof gypsum core and specialized paper layer to prevent moisture. Vinh Tuong Super Moisture Resistance ceiling are durable, a combination of a duo of Vinh Tuong ALPHA/ Vinh Tuong BASI and Vinh Tuong Super-moisture-resistant board 9mm thickness, with special moisture-proof gypsum core and specialized paper layer to prevent moisture.

Le ban giao nha Waterpoint

DURA Solution:

DURAwood is a material based on DURAflex fiber cement boards - a combination of mainly Portland cement, sand, lime, and cellulose fibers through the modern manufacturing process to create DURAwood boards with supper durability, good moisture resistance, elasticity, non asbetos and beautiful as natural wood. The product is specialized for indoor and outdoor areas under severe weather conditions, served different decorative requirements: ceiling, walls, floors, sunshades, fences,... to increase the aesthetics, luxury, durability and beauty for the project.

Weber Solution: 

At Weber, we believe that what matters most in the construction industry is to care about people and their environment. As the world leader in industrial mortars, we provide a full range of mortar-based solutions and construction chemicals for our customers. Typically, combo high-quality tile adhesive Webertai Fix with double bonding strength for laying big, low water absorption tiles on both floors and walls - Webercolor Power 3-protection tile grout that protect your family from fungus, black mold, bacteria - Waterproof Weberdry 2Kflex with good flexibilty ideal for wet areas.

Le ban giao nha Waterpoint

Through this handover ceremony, customers have been learned more useful information about the products of Saint-Gobain Group which are carried on business in Vietnam that are applied in the construction of projects and houses. In addition, this ceremony also tightened the relationship of cooperation between Nam Long Group and Saint-Gobain Vietnam in the future.

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