WEBER - World expert in solutions for tile adhesives, tile grout and waterproofing

Weber is the World’s leading brand of tile adhesives and grouts, belonging to the Saint-Gobain Group from France with more than 10,000 employees in 64 countries, supported by more than 200 manufacturing facilities and 10 research centers with annual revenue exceeding $2 billion.

With more than 100 years of expertise and a worldwide distribution system, we constantly make discoveries in production technology and practical application that maximize customers’ utility of the products and meet the industry’s highest requirements.

Saint-Gobain Vietnam is the sole supplier of Weber branded products for tile adhesives, tile grouts and specialized mortars in the Vietnamese market.






webertai A300

Basic tile/stone glue                                                        


webertai A500

Better tile/stone glue                                                   


webertai A600

Specialized tile/stone adhesive                                      


webertai A800

Specialized tile/stone adhesive                                                  


webertai A1000

Super Premium Tile/ Stone adhesive                                                                                                                                                                                                    

weberepox easy

SUPER HIGH PERFORMANCE Tile adhesive & grout                                                                                                                                                       

webertai no stain

Anti-white staining & efflorescence resistant tile adhesive, for OUTDOORS or areas subject to HIGH HUMIDITY














webercolor classic

General-purpose tile and area grout                                                                                           


webercolor power

3 PROTECTION tile grout: Resistant to mildew, black moss, and bacteria                                      

weberepox easy

SUPER HIGH PERFORMANCE Tile adhesive & grout                                   

webercolor slim

Extra narrow tile grout for joint width between 0.2-3 mm with anti-fungus property

webercolor mosaic

Tile adhesive and anti-fungus tile grout for mosaics                                                                                                                      

webercolor no stain


webercolor outside

Tile grout of HIGH ELASTICITY, able to withstand HEAVY WEIGHT, ideal for external applications

weber SP

webercolor SP

Two-component cementitious tile grout specialized for SWIMMING POOLS                                                                  

webercolor HR

High resistance tile grout for swimming pools, spas, steam rooms, and saunas



hdpe chống thấm

weberproof HDPE

Self-Adhsive Waterproofing membrane for underground structure                                                       

TPO chống thấm

weberproof TPO

Self-Adhsive Waterproofing membrane for underground structure                                                         

320 chống thấm

webershield 320

2-Component Epoxy-Based Component Protection Product for sewage system                                

bao bì weberdry 2kflex

Weberdry 2Kflex

2-component FLEXIBLE cementitious waterproofing product for pool, water tank…                                               

bao bì weberdry top

weberdry top

2-component highly flexible cementitious waterproofing product for balcony, landscape, pool, water tank… 

seal pro chống thấm

weberdry seal pro

Super Elastic Acrylic-based Waterproof Product for façade, landscape, unexposed roof…                      

PU chống thấm

weberdry PU

Polyurethane-Based Waterproofing Product for landscape, unexposed roof…                                                

PU PRO chống thấm

weberdry PU pro

Polyurethane-Based Waterproofing Product for roof, industrial structure, steel structure…     

bao bì PUD coat

Weberdry PUD Coat

High performance Polyurethane dispersion waterproofing product                                            

PU PRO chống thấm

weberdry crystallize hybrid

Crystalline cementitious based waterproofing with hybrid technology.        



weberbase levelling plaster

Specialized cement mortar for smoothing the wall surface                                                                                                                                                                     

weberad latex

Additives support waterproofing and bonding agents                                                                                                                                                                             

webertape BE 14

Waterproofing reinforcing tape is used in conjunction with weber waterproofing mortar to waterproof construction joints, edges, and cracks

webertec grout

webertec grout

Premixed cementitious non-shrink mortar                                                                                                                                                                                                      

weberseal PU

Polyurethane-based, one-component, HIGH ELASTICITY sealant                                                              





Weber has a full range of products and solutions for each type of area suitable for construction requirements and purposes. Please provide your information or contact Weber immediately for more advice on choosing suitable solutions for your projects:


Tin mới

chất lượng tạo dựng niềm tin

Weber - Quality Builds Trust                                                                                                                                                           


In addition to focusing on product development to meet the demands of construction experts, we also pay attention to the experience of using Weber products by Project Directors, Site Supervisors, and others to ensure the complete quality of the products delivered to customers.

weber tăng giá trị xanh

The comprehensive Weber cladding solution creates sustainable value for the construction project                                                    


Through continuous effort and unwavering collaboration with the architecture and construction industry in Vietnam, Weber asserts its leading position in product quality and comprehensive cladding solutions. At the same time, it upholds its commitment to sustainable development and is prepared to work towards the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

tự hào du thuyền hạ long

Proud to accompany the 6-star super yacht pair, Essence Rrand - the new icon of Ha Long Bay                                    


To meet the stringent construction requirements for the unique marine environment, the Essence Grand project has placed its trust in selecting Saint-Gobain's superior and sustainable solution systems for implementation 


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In Vietnam, Saint-Gobain offers an extensive selection of top construction-related goods and services in Vietnam under the following brands: VINH TUONG, VINH TUONG-Gyproc, DURAflex, Weber, ISOVER, PAM, Vetrotech, Norton, Eurokera, ADFORS, SEKURIT. Saint-Gobain Vietnam is committed to accompanying customers to enhance the quality of living and working spaces by providing a variety of innovative and sustainable solutions for life and the environment. Our mission is together with our customer to build nice and friendly spaces to live, study, work and play.