ISOVER® | The World's Leading Supplier of Sustainable Soundproofing and Thermal Insulation Solutions

ISOVER® is a brand of Saint-Gobain Group, a global leader in sustainable solutions for soundproofing and thermal insulation for living areas in a variety of project models. With over 80 years of application and a global distribution network, ISOVER has grown to employ over 10,000 people in 40 countries worldwide, 30 of which have more than 50 companies and 63 material manufacturing facilities.
ISOVER in Vietnam has developed to follow objectives: Enhancement of solutions - Sustainable construction, resulting in continuous efforts to create and improve solutions for soundproofing and thermal insulation to facilities, bringing comfort to customers while also contributing to environmental protection.
ISOVER's solutions are widely used in various project models' living areas. ISOVER® provides services in a variety of industries, including civil construction, commercial, maritime, industrial, HVAC, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).




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HVAC air duct Climaver Neto                                                                            

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HVAC air duct Climaver Plus R                                                                                         

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ISOVER Glasswool                                                                                               

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ISOVER Stonewool                                                                                                                               




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One Nine Elms tower, London                                                

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BrandSafway, Belgium                                                    


Isover has a full range of products and solutions for each type of area suitable for construction requirements and application purposes. Please provide your information or contact Isover immediately for more advice on choosing suitable solutions for your projects:

Technical support website: isover-technical-insulation

Construction support apps CLIMAVER:

Hotline: 1800 1218




Climaver air duct lead the "Non-metal material" trend in the HVAC industry.


"Non-metal material" air ducts, such as Climaver HVAC air ducts, are highly valued by HVAC experts because they not only meet performance requirements but are also outstanding for "Green" " factor."



With CLIMAVER air duct, you can make a difference in the HVAC industry.


During the HVACR Exhibition in mid-July 2021, Saint-Gobain Vietnam debuted the new HVAC air duct solution Climaver. Since then, Climaver has drew continual attention from customers.




With CLIMAVER air duct, you can maximize the efficiency of your HVAC investment


With excellent benefits such as green materials, construction time reduced by 5 times, and no electricity leakage... Saint-Gobain Vietnam's Climaver air duct is an excellent choice for HVAC contractors and project Developers


Saint-Gobain Making The World A Better Home



In Vietnam, Saint-Gobain offers an extensive selection of top construction-related goods and services in Vietnam under the following brands: VINH TUONG, VINH TUONG-Gyproc, DURAflex, Weber, ISOVER, PAM, Vetrotech, Norton, Eurokera, ADFORS, SEKURIT. Saint-Gobain Vietnam is committed to accompanying customers to enhance the quality of living and working spaces by providing a variety of innovative and sustainable solutions for life and the environment. Our mission is together with our customer to build nice and friendly spaces to live, study, work and play.