Saint-Gobain organized the Safety, Health and Environment festival worldwide


On October 11, 2016, Saint-Gobain Group organized the 2016 Safety, Health and Environment (EHS) festival in 66 countries around the world where Saint-Gobain has business activities. Saint-Gobain's EHS festival takes place to improve safety awareness for all employees worldwide. Saint-Gobain believes that protecting health, occupational safety and environmental protection is the responsibility of every individual at work and at home. Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to building a safe and healthy work environment, while environmental protection is also a top priority. On this occasion, the chairman of Saint-Gobain Group - Pierre-André de Chalendar, delivered a speech to all Saint-Gobain employees. In it, he emphasized two important messages including:

In Vietnam, EHS days are held simultaneously at 6 different points including Gyproc Hiep Phuoc factory; Vinh Tuong Hiep Phuoc factory;Vinh Tuong office District 7, HCMC; Hiep Phu factory; Vinh Tuong Hung Yen factory and Dahl factory in Vung Tau. Many activities took place such as acting, filming safe situations, interactive games: answering questions about safety and the way to the top of EHS, ... to help employees share and experience EHS, from there. practical application in work and life.

Safety first! Safety is happiness! Let's each raise awareness and behavior about safety for a better life!